Why Having a Blog is so Important for Any Kind of Business by THEMEREX WEB STUDIO

Why Having a Blog is so Important for Any Kind of Business

You may have noticed that plenty of businesses have their own blog on their website. They post news, offers, tips, and tutorials there. Why would they do that? And what does blogging bring them?

In fact – a lot. Here are some benefits any business can get from their blog.

1. Additional value for your existing customers. If you provide useful and well-written information for free in addition to your products and services, your existing customers will certainly appreciate this.

2. Additional value for your potential customers. Obviously when the customer is looking for something to buy on the internet he/she compares multiple sites and reads reviews. Imagine that you have an article that covers all that. And the customer makes his/her decision not to leave your website.

3. Organic traffic to your site. Organic traffic is traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This type of traffic is the most relevant and highly convertible. So, make sure your articles cover all the possible questions your customers may have.

4. Returning Visitors. When your customers and visitors understand that they can get all the needed info in one place on your site, they will return to you. And therefore more returns bring more sales.

5. Better for SEO. When your site contains plenty of useful information, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will rank it higher. It means that your site will climb in search results and more and more people will be able to find you on the internet.

Here is how we do this in our Company

Here at ThemeREX we produce WordPress Themes and make turnkey Custom websites for our customers. And obviously we have our blog, where we post plenty of useful content for our visitors. Before we write an article, we try to understand what they search for. For example:

Specific Category of WordPress Themes. We’ve made several articles, where we write and compare different WP Templates united by one specific category. For example, best travelling WordPress Themes.

or Best Multipurpose HTML Templates.

Specific Design approach to WordPress Themes. Sometimes people search for inspiration and look for some kind of design concept. For these visitors, we create articles like Top creative WordPress Themes.

Interesting and useful facts. We have plenty of data in our industry every day. Although, not all publishers dive deeply into the topic. Thus, we post such articles as 3 Things You Did not Know About WordPress or Crucial Things to Know when Registering a Domain Name.

Tutorials. Customers in our industry love guides and tutorials. Some of our competitors think that there is no sense to post tutorials, since if the customers figures everything out he/she will not order supporting services. But we think that if the customer doesn’t find the info on your site, he/she finds it elsewhere. So, we write articles like How to backup and restore the siteHow to Build UX optimized WordPress Themes, etc.

News. We supply our visitors with the most up-to-date info. Hence, they can read news directly from our blog not searching for them over the internet. So, we publish such posts as WordPress 5.0 important newsWhich Themes became bestselling on ThemeForest in 2017.

So, we try to cover all the possible topics that our current and potential customers may be interested in. It’s absolutely powerful and precious source of traffic. When you run your Google ads campaign you have some visitors as long as you pay Google. Once your advertising budget ends you have no customers. But the organic traffic received from your articles will work for you for free for a long time.