Important Points to Understand about Digital Marketing by RICHARD CONARD

Digital marketing has a few names including online marketing, and internet marketing, and is really what you think it means. Any kind of marketing or advertising done online, email, social media, search engine optimization, Google Ads, Brick and elsewhere, all of that falls under the large umbrella digital marketing. Here is a closer look at some of the more stand out important things to know about digital marketing and why it is such a buzz word right now for companies wanting global recognition, increased customer loyalty and an increase in traffic to your website.

Does digital marketing mean the same thing as social media marketing?

There is some confusion among some people with the differences between social media marketing and digital. Are they just the same thing? Not really. Social media marketing is a part of the broader spectrum of digital marketing. It is not all that digital marketing in Brick and beyond is.

What are the key areas of digital marketing?

SEM – As mentioned there are a number of areas that come under digital marketing but one of the main ones if search engine marketing or SEM. Search engines are what you use to enter your query online. Over a third of people use Google so that is the most common one, but there are others such as Yahoo or Bing. In order to have better SEM you need great SEO.

SEO – SEO is search engine optimization. This means making sure your site and its content are as optimized as possible so that when they type keywords into a search engine that connects to your business, they will rank you in their results pages on how relevant you are. The better optimization you have and the more visible you are, the more highly you rank. Being on page 30 of a search on a kid’s napping mats means you are unlikely to get very much traffic. Being on page one is where you need to be, or as close to it as you can. People tend to look more at those results rather than clicking down to page 30.

Social Media – Digital marketing in Brick and elsewhere should also include a social media marketing campaign. Social media sites are a big deal today, millions of users, daily, sometimes multiple times a day, visit these sites. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, to name a few. You can follow your customers, see what is being said, connect with them, and offer promotions.

Google Ads – Google Ads Brick and beyond is a great digital marketing tool. They are a chance to create ads that promote your services or products online. The pricing they use means even small companies on smaller budgets can create an ad campaign and then that can be built up as success comes. You can increase the traffic coming to your site, increase sales, and increase recognition of your brand to a global scale.